About Us

Islander Direct Sales Network was born out of the desire for our Family and Friends to share the Products and Home Based Business Opportunities that we are so passionate about with each others’ friends and families.

If you are part of our circle of Friends and Families, we invite you to join us or just look us over and support us in our dreams and hard work in building our individual Home Based Businesses.

If you are involved with Direct Sales as we are, and want to join our network, please contact us at:


talk directly with any one of our Business Leaders


Current Companies Represented:
Wine Shop From Home
FG Xpress
Le-Vel Thrive
GVO Hosting
GVO Got Backup?
GVO Pure Leverage

About Us

Islander Direct Sales Network is a dynamic and energetic multi-disciplinary professional services and management consultancy company, providing Home Based Business solutions to clients all over the world, driven by an experienced team of professionals.